We offer Botox injections at Suburban Plastic Surgery. Botox is a purified protein that can temporarily reduce frown lines in the forehead and brow region of your face. It is a FDA approved product and requires no recovery time, post treatment.

Procedure: A series of small injections are given approximately every 3 months to patients interested in maintaining their improvement. The doctor will determine where to administer the Botox to achieve the best results based on the patient's own individual frown line pattern. Anesthesia is not required. Discomfort is minimal but brief as the Botox is administered. You can expect results to become more noticeable within a few days after treatment and may improve for up to a week following treatment.

Post-op: Minimal bruising and tenderness at the injection sites is common for a few days following treatment. Other side effects may include facial muscle weakness, headache, flu-like symptoms and eyelid droop. Even though Botox can be safely administered every 3 to 4 months, if you decide not to continue Botox, you will eventually go back to pre-treatment appearance.

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