Breast augmentation increases the size of a woman’s breasts with the placement of breast implants. This is a cosmetic procedure that is done as an outpatient in a hospital or surgical center setting. Breast implants allow the patient to obtain fuller breasts following weight loss, pregnancy, or change in breast size with normal aging. Women who are unhappy with their breast size in general can also benefit from this procedure. Breast implants have not been shown to impair breast health and no link has been found between breast implants and cancer or any autoimmune disease. You should be aware, however, that breast implants are not to be considered permanent and may require future surgical replacement or removal. At this time, only saline filled implants are available for augmentation. This “salt-water” solution is the same fluid used in IV fluids and found naturally in your body.

Procedure: Breast implants come in various shapes and sizes. The doctor will discuss with you the best option for your individual body shape. They can be placed above or below the muscle. Incisions are most commonly placed around the areola but other options are available. Cosmetic considerations are made at the time of your consultation as to placement of the implant and location of the incisions.

Post-op: You will be able to return to normal activities after 3 weeks in most instances. During this time you will be wearing a sports bra for support. Dressings can easily be placed inside the bra for daily changes. Sutures remain for about 1 week. Scarring can be minimized with instructions on use of sunscreen and massage.