Cheek implants are useful in creating desired facial contour. The implants used are made from solid and semi-solid materials. Cheek implantation can be performed along with other facial surgeries to achieve the desired appearance you are looking for.

Procedure: The procedure can be performed along with a facelift, and the implant would be inserted through the facelift incision. Otherwise, two small incisions are made inside the upper lip and the implants are placed in underneath the soft tissue of the cheek. The incision can also be made inside the lower eyelid and the implant inserted. The incisions are closed using dissolving stitches. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour and is performed as an outpatient procedure. When cheek implantation is performed alone, the patient will receive local anesthesia and a sedative. If performed in conjunction with other procedures, general anesthesia will be administered. Most individuals are able to resume normal activities after one week.

Post-op: It is normal to experience discomfort and swelling for several days following the procedure. Sensation will return over several months; however, facial nerve injury can occur. This nerve damage and weakness of the face can be permanent or slowly resume to normal. There is also a possibility of the implant shifting which would require a second corrective surgery. Scar tissue around the implant can cause an unnatural shape. During the first week, your activities and even your diet may be restricted. Your ability to smile and talk will be limited. As you heal, you will regain the ability to perform normal activities and appreciate your new look.